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RECYCLES ordinary Executive Board meeting

The RECYCLES Consortium virtually met the 18th of September to hold the ordinary Executive Board meeting. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the tasks performed until now, to present the first results obtained during the first secondments performed and to confirm the next steps to follow in the near future of the project.

Cecilia Polizzi from the Università degli studi di Firenze, who has been seconded in AERIS for 5 months, presented her work carried out until now on a thermodynamic-based study on sulphide-driven denitrification, which is integrated in WP1: Development of innovative bioreactors. By her side, this WP has been addressed by mean of data elaboration and thermodynamic calculation of the different steps occurring in autotrophic denitrification, in order to integrate experimental evidences obtained from a 120-days operation of a CSTR with stable NO2 accumulation and theoretical prediction.

On the other hand, Eva Fernández from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, who was seconded in Italprogetti Spa for nearly 2 months, explained her work with physical-chemical and microbiological data obtained from an anaerobic digestor treating tannery fleshing waste. Her work is part of WP2: Application of monitoring and molecular biology tools and have helped to understand the evolution of methanogens along the operation of the anaerobic digestor, to correlate and infer possible roles of microorganisms present in the reactor’s biomass with the anaerobic digestion process and to improve the sampling and analytical procedures to be performed in future operations.

The RECYCLES Consortium will continue with their monthly extraordinary Executive Board meeting, so as to properly define the next secondments to be performed by all the partners.

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